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  • Equalising Shampoo 500mL
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    A balancing formulation of gently astringent botanicals that assist to remove excess oil without irritating the scalp, while delivering body and shine to hair.

    Suited To
    Oily scalps, those who lead active lifestyles and those who live in polluted urban environments
    Camphorous, herbaceous, fresh
    Key Ingredients
    Fennel Fruit, Eucalyptus Leaf, Mistletoe Leaf

    Before shampooing, brush hair to disentangle strands. Wet hair and pour product into hands before gently massaging onto scalp. Rinse thoroughly after use.
    Three to five times weekly, prior to shampooing, brush dry hair to loosen dirt and disentangle. Wet hair thoroughly, pour product into hands, then gently massage onto scalp. Rinse thoroughly.
    One to two teaspoons
    Clear, low-foaming gel